aha! was founded in 2018 with the singular purpose of helping healthcare systems modernize the healthcare consumer experience. They deliver performance-oriented digital products focused on technology solutions. Their products streamline processes while providing flexibility and scalability for healthcare organizations. They are a team of seasoned digital professionals with a history of creating technology-driven solutions across a wide range of industries. They share a common goal of using technology to drive innovation in cusumer healthcare experiences.

Key product offerings

Kyruus Connector

The aha! Kyruus Connector provides out-of-the-box connectivity between the KyruusOne data management platform and Sitecore, allowing healthcare systems to:

  • Import integrated provider data into Sitecore configured to meet your system’s implementation needs.
  • Manage data between Kyruus and Sitecore through scheduled or ad-hoc synchronization of selected or all provider records.
  • Monitor provider data through automated notifications and event reporting to track key actions including providers added, updated, and removed.

The Kyruus Connector is installed through a Sitecore package. It’s configured and managed through the Sitecore Content Editor tool within the installed Kyruus module and leverages Sitecore’s roles and permissions functionality to securely manage provider data natively in Sitecore.

Office locations

Chicago, IL