Adverity is a leading intelligent data and analytics platform that enables businesses to make insights-driven decisions, faster and easier. Used by marketing, sales and eCommerce teams around the world, Adverity transforms siloed data into actionable insight, reducing the complexity in demonstrating marketing effectiveness and return on investment across multiple channels.

By automating data integration from hundreds of sources and working seamlessly with your existing tech stack, Adverity’s flexible end-to-end platform delivers a single view of marketing and sales performance across your entire business. The platform’s powerful data visualizations and proactive analytics reveals tangible insights and uncovers real-time opportunities for improving performance and driving growth.

Key product offerings

Adverity provides modular as well as end-to-end solutions for clients.

Connect and Activate

Fully automate data integration from all data sources to create a single source of truth about your marketing and business performance.

  • Connect all your data
    Benefit from the large library of 600+ data connections to all relevant platforms
  • Improve efficiency
    Save time by eliminating data wrangling in spreadsheets and costly data errors
  • Reduce time-to-value
    Leverage your data in multiple solutions and destinations to get better insights even faster
  • Activate data.
    Transform and distribute data across multiple destinations to simplify reporting and maximize the value of data.


Accelerate and simplify marketing reporting with flexible dashboards you can easily share with all your stakeholders.

  • Monitor performance
    Get an instant overview of multi-channel performance
  • Demonstrate value
    Speed-up marketing reporting and shorten time-to-value
  • Democratize data
    Make results accessible to stakeholders across your business


Uncover new insights with AI-powered proactive analytics that predict future performance and help eliminate anomalies.

  • Be proactive
    Discover hidden trends, anomalies, and opportunities
  • Drive growth
    Optimize ROI across all marketing campaigns
  • Outperform competitors
    See further than just point-in-time performance

Office locations

  • Vienna, Austria (Headquarters)
  • London, UK
  • New York, USA