Brightcove, the global leader in video for business, is a powerful cloud-based solution for publishing, distributing, measuring, and monetizing broadcast-quality video across devices. Since 2004, Brightcove has built the world's most intelligent video streaming and communications platform – offering limitless scale, world-class security, and powerful integrations to help companies:

  • Monetize Content. Customers love the flexible layouts, monetization options, and unmatched reliability our powerful streaming platform delivers. Ad-based, subscription-based, or ads before, during, or after content...with server-side ad insertion (SSAI), the model to use is completely up to them.
  • Engage Audiences. Put people’s favorite form of communication to work. Video lets customers reach their audiences wherever they are, connecting through live virtual events, and training teams spread across the world. With the security customers need, reliability they can trust, and impact they can measure, Brightcove video is a no-brainer for creating global connections.
  • Sell Products. Video has the power to turbocharge marketing plans. Whether customers are looking to generate more leads, drive brand awareness, bring their products to life, livestream events, or reach a global audience, there’s no better way to connect than video.

In brief, Brightcove enables customers to quickly, easily, and securely distribute broadcast-quality video to Internet-connected devices globally - launching faster and scaling instantly. With award-winning technology and customer support, Brightcove helps businesses in more than 70 countries inspire, entertain, and educate. Customers rely on our suite of products, services, and expertise to reduce the cost and complexity associated with video.

Key product offerings:

The world’s leading all-in-one online video platform, enables customers to quickly, easily, and securely distribute broadcast-quality video to Internet-connected devices globally - launching faster and scaling instantly
Industry-leading solution for live streaming, delivers high-quality viewer experiences globally, reliably, and at scale
An exceptionally fast, reliable, cloud-based technology for creating and managing video experiences--built to play on any device with the best quality
Create branded video experiences by accessing templates with built-in best practices.
Purpose-built application that enables companies to launch premium over-the-top (OTT) video experiences quickly and cost effectively, across devices and with the flexibility of multiple monetization models
Stream existing on-demand video on your own channel to grow your audience and your revenue
Enables marketers to use video to drive brand awareness, engagement and conversion
An enterprise-class platform for internal communications, employee training, live streaming, marketing and ecommerce videos


The Brightcove Video Connect for the Sitecore Experience Platform allows you to manage Brightcove Video Cloud videos and players within Sitecore, and easily embed videos in Sitecore pages. Users can perform the following tasks directly within Sitecore via the connector:

  • Import, add, preview, and delete videos
  • Search for videos and playlists
  • Import, add, preview, and delete playlists
  • Add video to the Video Cloud Sitecore website
  • Synchronize between Video Cloud Sitecore and Video Cloud
  • Get analytics on playback events

More information about the workflow and step-by-step installation and usage instructions can be found on the Brightcove support portal.

Office locations

Brightcove has over 600 employees located in 13 countries across the globe. Their head office is located in Boston, MA, with additional offices in New York, US; London, UK; Guadalajara, Mexico; Funchal, Madeira, Portugal; Singapore; Sydney, Australia; Seoul, South Korea; Tokyo, Japan; and Mumbai, India. They serve customers in over 70 countries with regionally located teams and 16 data centers.

All current Brightcove customer stories are available on, sortable by industry and/or products.

Everyone these days is using video and watching video, so it’s 100% necessary to own this space. Together with Brightcove, brands can extend their video presence while gaining the crucial data that informs their key decisions. With expert video solutions and no-fail content delivery, Brightcove gives brands the ability to create memorable digital experiences for their audiences and connect with them throughout the discovery and buying experience.