Coveo for Sitecore exponentially increases the impact of your Sitecore website, enabling visitors to discover content without friction, learning from every interaction in real-time in order to deliver more relevant experiences. Businesses have full visibility and control over the results, with actionable insights that help you identify content gaps and other opportunities that deliver world-class intelligent website experiences.

Key product offerings

Coveo for Sitecore unifies every customer interaction and all of your content to deliver relevant information to every website visitor, at every interaction, across all of your digital channels. The Coveo Relevance Cloud™ helps you deliver personalization at scale, without requiring heavy lifting from your technical team, allowing your marketing team to be self-sufficient and agile.

Coveo for Sitecore is fully integrated with Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) and Experience Commerce (XC), and works out of the box with xDB, Experience Editor, Cortex, the Hive UI framework and more.

Coveo for Sitecore has three editions:

Standard: Applied AI search on your website powered by Sitecore Experience Platform. Includes document-level security and limited machine learning.

Pro: Includes “Intelligent Term Detection” on top of the feature-rich Standard Edition.

Enterprise: Full access to Coveo’s Experience Intelligence Platform, including unlimited access to content connectors and Coveo’s AI powered recommendations.