Lionbridge Technologies

An effective globalization strategy depends on managing content scattered throughout the organization, in many different forms, from many applications, written by many authors. Today, managing content is not just a one-language problem. When presenting your company’s brand and products to customers and partners around the world, translating and localizing your content takes on a new urgency.

Lionbridge addresses the challenges marketers face by applying technology and managed services. The Lionbridge connector powered by Clay Tablet automates the flow of content between Sitecore and Lionbridge’s translation process. This fully integrated plugin brings translation management closer to publishing, allowing for the management of translations from one central technology.

Once the content leaves Sitecore, Lionbridge ingests and analyzes the various content types. From there, we leverage our network of vertically-focused and marketing-savvy native speakers to execute translations. Lionbridge also takes a holistic view of global content and can offer the following services that enhance your organization’s global strategy.
  • International SEO Key Word Research and Content Optimization
  • Transcreation
  • Globalization Audits and Cultural Reviews
  • Global Campaign Management 
  • Social Listening & Sentiment Analysis
  • Web Publishing
As marketing organizations leverage a broader global strategy, they can realize the following benefits: 
  • Streamline localization process and reduce time-to-market and costs
  • Ability to launch more products in more languages resulting in a greater impact on global revenue
  • Enable content reuse between corporate and regional marketing teams 
  • Eliminate manual, error-prone processes and increase quality
  • Achieve consistent global brand experiences, regardless of language or market
  • Significant reduction in time managing multilingual process
  • Technology agnostic partner