RelevantEdge provides marketers and data analysts with richly visualized insights based on digital experiences delivered by Sitecore solutions. Unlike traditional analytics, RelevantEdge combines your CMS content structure with collected experience data to reduce the set-up cost of multi-site analytics while delivering content-centric insights in easy to use, collaborative BI dashboards.

Key product offerings

Daily driver BI analytics for multi-site Sitecore solutions

  • Unlock a wide range of digital experience insights, based on Sitecore solutions such as Sitecore XP, Sitecore XM, Sitecore XC and Sitecore CDP
  • Enable easy and efficient stakeholder collaboration using BI tools such as Microsoft Power BI (service and desktop)
  • Create unlimited custom dashboards in addition to the standard dashboards delivered out of the box
  • Reduce the effort and cost of structuring multi-site analytics -- including personalization and AB testing insights
  • RelevantEdge continuously reads the multi-site content structure from Sitecore and automatically detects when new sites, pages and events are added (no Sitecore development needed at all)
  • Capture more analytics data based on the server-side tracking when using Sitecore XP

Key capabilities of the RelevantEdge platform:

  • Portal analytics insights that include PII data
  • Commerce analytics
  • Personalization journey analytics
  • Campaign attribution and custom attribution modelling
  • Flexible architecture that provides dashboard insights and supports data lake integrations

Office locations

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, RelevantEdge serves customers in EMEA, AJPAC and the Americas.