Chapter 1

The power of a partnership

Sitecore offers you a full-featured, world-class experience management platform that’s transforming the customer experience for thousands of companies. However, when it comes to developing a digital strategy or implementing Sitecore solutions, we entrust that to other experts: our valued Sitecore Solution Partners.

They unlock the full value of Sitecore technology by delivering transformative professional services that include strategy, implementation, and support of the solutions they recommend and provide. They’re crucial to every organization’s successful experience with our platform.

Chapter 2

Why you can trust our partners

They are vouched for

Long-term relationships built on our customers’ trust and success are our biggest priority — and that means we only allow carefully vetted Partners to implement our solutions. We ensure that each of our Partners is the ideal fit for our program, technology, and customers, with structured validation including Sitecore developer certification, a variety of trainings, as well as tracking successful projects.

What matters most to us and to our Partners are joint customer wins and successful projects, such as new Sitecore deployments, upgrades, and helping customers get the most from their investment. Together, we see customer success as both an immediate win and the basis for long-term growth.

They are proven specialists

Sitecore Solution Partners are the lifeblood of our company. They’re the ones who have access to the information, relationships, and support needed to drive client success. For example, Product Specialization recognizes Partner practices with a deep understanding of the product they are specialized in, promoting customer trust. Partners can earn a specialization badge after successfully completing a rigorous assessment to verify they meet product enablement requirements and have a dedicated and scalable practice with proven customer satisfaction.

They are in touch with the latest tech

We work with our partners on the principle of shared risk, supporting them on our latest technology, training their teams, and staying closely aligned until the value is proven. This means you don’t risk working with a Partner whose implementation may compromise our solutions.

Chapter 3

The benefits of working with Sitecore Partners

We expect our Partners to be able to optimize Sitecore’s unlimited potential to transform your business and delight your clients — and you can expect that, too. They’ll come ready to collaborate with your executives, marketing, operations, and IT teams. Together, you’ll implement solutions to create real-time impact with your customers and develop a long-term strategy.

You may be thinking, “Can’t we just do this ourselves?” The reality is that the skill set owned by Sitecore Solution Partners would be next to impossible for an organization to recruit in-house. These skills include Customer Experience (CX) and marketing strategy development, IT design, build and implementation, data analysis and data science, platform architecture and integration, and many others.

Our trusted Partners are experts who know how to start the conversation about what you want to achieve with your customers. Using the Sitecore platform, they’ll then design the technology to get you there, with the flexibility to integrate with your existing platforms such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Retail, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Chapter 4

Get to market faster, get to market better

Sitecore Solution Partners take your Customer Experience (CX) potential to new heights. Leveraging Sitecore’s unique combination of content management, commerce, and customer insights, our Partners empower brands to build better relationships, creating a whole new world of personalized digital experiences.

And they help make it happen faster. With skilled implementation of the Sitecore digital experience platform, you get the results your business needs along with access to unique expertise that allows you to develop a long-term CX vision faster. Sitecore helps you go to market up to 75% quicker, with a significantly lower cost of ownership (versus competing solutions).

A Sitecore Silver Partner transformed P&G’s digital marketing presence globally, reducing costs by 33% by consolidating 10 content management systems (CMSs) onto Sitecore and slashing time to market for new digital properties by 50%.

Chapter 5

Partners: The Gold, Silver, and Platinum standards

Implementing and optimizing the Sitecore solution requires a lot of moving parts. How can you be certain you’re getting the best partner for your needs?

Finding the best match is in everyone’s best interest — yours, ours, and our Partners’. To help you better understand the type of partner you need, we created a tiered system based on prerequisites and achievements: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. As Sitecore Partners achieve more wins and successful implementations, they move up in classification.

Not sure where to begin? Contact [email protected] for assistance in finding the Sitecore Partner who best meets your unique needs. If you prefer to get started on your own, visit our Partner Finder to search for Sitecore Partners near you.