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Unlock the full potential of your brand by unifying all your digital assets in one intuitive interface and distribute across multiple channels while ensuring brand consistency

One system, infinite scalability

  • The ultimate marketing dashboard

    Centralize your digital assets in a single hub, designed for effortless discovery and utilization.

    Complete content command
  • Omnichannel delivery

    Automatically distribute approved digital assets to every touchpoint, from mobile apps to billboards and everything in between.

    Flexible content modeling
  • AI-powered search

    AI-enhanced discovery to swiftly locate and share any asset or file within your organization.

    Send assets to any touchpoint
  • Enterprise-grade configurability

    One size does not fit all: discover a tailored environment where every asset is both organized and adaptable to meet your specific business needs.

    AI powered search
  • Flexible content modeling

    Personalized system architecture and UI to ensure assets are not just organized, but fully adaptable to meet your enterprise-specific requirements.

  • Design tool integrations

    Effortlessly shuttle digital assets between your go-to design platforms such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Figma, and Sketch.

    Design tool integrations

Global brands optimizing their digital assets with Sitecore DAM

Don’t just centralize; strategize.

DAM serves as the nucleus for all your digital content

Bespoke for your unique business

Brand mission control

Centralize all your digital assets and deliver them to any customer touchpoint with an automated DAM solution.

Complete flexibility with integration

Automation at your fingertips

Save time and boost productivity by automating the management, distribution, and retrieval of your digital assets.

Best inclass app connector

Deft digital rights management

Minimize risk and safeguard brand integrity in any region or language with built-in digital rights management.

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Unveil the power of Content Hub DAM

Dive into the game-changing features of our cutting-edge digital asset management platform. Learn how to master your media assets, minimize risk, enhance reusability, and optimize workflows like never before.

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What customers are saying:

“Sitecore’s technology has enabled us to deliver with speed and flexibility, driving a consistent digital experience for our customers across both commerce and marketing content.”

Chris Batten, Director of Digital Customer Experience, Cytiva

Case Study

Wolters Kluwer transforms its global website with Sitecore Content Hub DAM

Wolters Kluwer increased sales leads and enhanced cross-sell/ up-sell by speeding time to market with centralized content management solution

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is digital asset management?

    Digital asset management is a process for storing, organizing, and using multimedia brand assets like videos, audio files, photos, animations, and other creative files, marketing assets, and digital media. Digital asset management allows teams to share files in a logical and safe way, reuse media files efficiently, and ensure that assets are on-brand throughout the asset lifecycle.
  • What is a digital asset management system?

    A digital asset management system is a type of software or platform that companies use to find, share, modify, and govern their digital assets. Digital asset management software helps with brand management and the customer experience by allowing marketing materials and digital files to be shared throughout an organization, streamlining workflows, and allowing marketing teams and other stakeholders to centralize version control, enforce brand guidelines and file formats.
  • How to create a digital asset management system?

    By far the easiest way to begin is by purchasing DAM software or a DAM platform. A DAM system is more than just software, but the right partner can set your company on the path to success. There are many digital asset management tools in the market, and finding the right one for your team members can benefit multiple parts of your organization - from marketing teams to creative teams to sales teams, a robust DAM system can work with existing content management systems to streamline project management workflows, store brand guidelines and brand templates, and repurpose assets for use across digital channels like social media, and metadata management that frees your team for more critical tasks and functions.
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