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Don’t let customer experience suffer from disconnected marketing technology

If you do, youre leaving money on the table

Customer experience can no longer be left to chance

Most businesses agree that aspects of their customer experience are in serious need of improvement. The question is not just how, but why: Without an integrated strategy and martech stack, the customer loses out.

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Research summary highlights


of businesses lose revenues due to disconnected martech stack

of IT execs want to improve their martech but don’t know where to start

of all survey respondents agree their customer experience needs to improve

Marketing technology, done right, enables great customer experience

However, IT executives struggle to implement martech that's efficient. Not only do they lack the right resources, but collaboration with marketing is insufficent.

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Get the most from your martech

Having a lot of data doesn’t do you any good if it’s not accessible, trackable, and integrated. Make sure your martech stack is connected and helping you use your data intelligently, so you can personalize effectively and across channels and start taking advantage of machine learning.

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Get the most from your martech

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