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At Sitecore we have established a strong Digital Experience Team encompassing content operations, inbound growth, strategists, and development, design & UX. Explore what that structure looks like.

By Alison Sainsbury

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The Executive Sponsor is a key role in any optimization or digital experience project.

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Delivering a connected experience for our customers involves engaging with several internal teams around the world, each with their area of focus within the customer and content journeys.

The Digital Experience team serves each of these teams and considers them to be our customers as much as Sitecore’s end users – we exist to help them help Sitecore customers.

To deliver the best customer experiences, we follow the Sitecore Business Optimization Strategies (SBOS) recommended team structure.

This team structure is founded on a central team of digital experience leaders with strong executive sponsorship, close working relationships with IT partners, vendors, and agencies, and dedicated relationships with adjacent internal teams. We have established a strong Digital Experience Team, encompassing content operations, inbound growth, strategists, and development, design & UX.

This is what that structure looks like for Sitecore:

The Executive Sponsor

The Executive Sponsor is a key role in any optimization or digital experience project. The Digital Experience team’s Executive Sponsor is Paige O’Neill, Sitecore’s CMO.

The Executive Sponsor can be filled by any C-suite or senior executive, as long as they can give the project a voice in the boardroom; back growth and approval of resources to support project aims; make difficult, high-stakes decisions; and align project activities with the organization’s strategic objectives.

The Executive Sponsor is also key in evangelizing the team’s wins to help promote further organizational commitment to long-term project goals.

The Digital Experience Leader

The Digital Experience Leader is another role vital to ensuring the success of the team and project. Our Digital Experience Leader is Alison Sainsbury, Senior Director of Digital Experience at Sitecore. This position has overall responsibility for the program— they own the business outcomes and have the authority to coordinate the marketing, operational, and IT aspects of the team’s endeavors.

Development Team

The Development team members define the structure of systems from a technical perspective, ensuring all business requirements are addressed by the technology infrastructure. They ensure business requirements are appropriately addressed by both the experience platform and related business stack. They are versed in both the current martech stack and the IT roadmaps and provide technical guidance; design the technical architecture; and oversee the design, building, testing, deploying, and maintenance of the experience stack.

Design & UX Team

The Design and UX team is responsible for the overall user experience, including designing the information architecture and creating a user-interaction design (e.g., use-case definition, storyboarding, wireframing) behind customer experiences. Our Design & UX Team is deeply involved in assessing customer requirements, building new experiences and components, and continually adjusting our design based on brand requirements and data-informed pain points.

Digital Content Team

The Digital Content team oversees all aspects of content creation, with a combination of skills in content editing and content experience. They also have a thorough understanding of specific customer segments’ journeys as well as appropriate context marketing tactics and content.

Inbound Growth Team

The Inbound Growth team provides insights into customer journeys and intent, as well as channel, campaign, and segment performance in terms of conversions and engagement values associated with well-defined digital goals. Our Inbound Growth team provides access to customized data dashboards for our marketers and broader teams and develops actionable recommendations for optimizing business results through improved content, design, and personalization.

Strategy Team

The Digital Strategy team translates the organizational strategy into its cross-channel experience strategy. They study customer segments and cross-channel behaviors and then formulate digital campaign and experience strategies to address key business and marketing objectives such as customer acquisition, engagement, loyalty, and advocacy.

Internal & External Teams

In addition to our internal project teams, we work closely with our broader marketing & business teams including the Demand Gen & Field Marketing teams, Partner Marketing, Product Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Operations. We also collaborate regularly with our media agencies and martech vendors around the world to coordinate the optimization of tools and paid media.

Alison Sainsbury

Alison Sainsbury

Senior Director, Digital Experience


Alison Sainsbury is Senior Director of Digital Experience for Sitecore, leading the team who are "connecting the experience" for Sitecore's own customers on our own channels.