Digital asset management: Martech’s unsung hero

Discover the transformative impact of digital asset management


October, 2023


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With global brands under pressure to deliver standout content when and where their customers want it, today’s marketers need a solution with the ability to remove silos and manage content across multiple global teams and agencies.

Enter digital asset management (DAM), the unsung hero in the modern, global martech stack.

In this webinar, Christopher Castle, Regional Vice President, Sales Engineering at Sitecore and Zach Escabedo, Senior Solutions Engineer at Sitecore share insights on:

  • The state of play for global content marketing teams
  • The core capabilities of DAM software
  • The value DAM creates for global marketers, marketing technologists, and CMOs.

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About the presenters

Christopher Castle.jpg

Christopher Castle

Regional Vice President, Sales Engineering, Sitecore

Zach Escabedo

Zach Escabedo

Senior Solutions Engineer, Sitecore