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January, 2024


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Big trends are at play in retail: Omnichannel has evolved from nice-to-have to must-have for modern shoppers; AI is making content creation and personalization easier (and expected); and if we had a dollar for every time someone in the corner office asked about our “Customer Experience”… well, we’d have a lot of dollars.

So, the big questions for retail marketers are: How well are your brand’s marketing programs evolving with these new trends? What makes your marketing stand out? Are you leveraging new tech to truly connect with shoppers throughout their entire journey? Are you moving from “offering” experience to “killing it” with excellence? And, what about AI?

In this lively, no-holds-barred conversation between four marketing and tech leaders, learn what matters most to shoppers, and how you can reimagine your 2024 strategy to truly win the hearts (and dollars!) of your shoppers. And how you can do it NOW.

You’ll learn:

  • The big 3 “make-or-break” moments for shoppers. (Spoiler: They’re not what you expect.)
  • How “omnichannel” has grown from buzzword to the best way to serve shoppers everywhere (and how to do that!)
  • How AI can help marketers deliver tailored content at scale.

You will walk away fired up and ready to level up your 2024 plans with practical ideas and insights that you can put into play, immediately!


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About the presenters

Ann Handley.jpg

Ann Handley

Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author & Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

Anya Minbiole.JPG

Anya Minbiole

Director, Business Strategy Leader, Retail and Consumer Goods, Microsoft

Marcos Suarez.jpg

Marcos Suarez

Director, Retail Strategy and Growth in Europe, Avanade

Heather Polen.jpg

Heather Polen

Global Vice President, Solution Engineering, Sitecore