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The value of a better customer experience

Forrester’s new study distills real customer results to define the costs, benefits, and ROI of the Sitecore® Experience Platform™

Sitecore: Total Economic Impact

Marketers are scrambling to solve the challenges of digital customer experiences. Organizations consistently acknowledge that they’re “not there yet,” but struggle to choose the right solution. Which technology provides the right insights and capabilities? How much will it really cost, and what will you get for your money?

The “Total Economic Impact™ of Sitecore,” a commissioned November 2016 study conducted by Forrester on behalf of Sitecore, examines the potential ROI of deploying the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP). Fueled by in-depth research into four customers’ experiences, Forrester has created a detailed profile of the key components for evaluating investment value: Benefits, costs, flexibility, and risks. That composite profile charts an ROI of 142%, and the full study quantifies numerous other benefits, including productivity gains and savings through system consolidation. For a complete look at the value of Sitecore XP, download the full study.
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Forrester TEI study highlights

Before Sitecore

3-5 days, 4 people, with long lead times, multiple handoffs, forgotten requests

After Sitecore

Minutes, 1 person, with instantaneous content updates, lower IT dependence

Consolidation savings

$1.1 million over 3 years from consolidating multiple WCMs, email agencies, mobile web/app software

Calculate your ROI in minutes

Based on Forrester’s in-depth research into real customer results, this ROI assessment tool helps you estimate the costs and benefits the Sitecore Experience Platform could bring to your organization.

In minutes, you can input answers to 16 questions and have a customized ROI profile to help build your business case.

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Forrester TEI webinar

Webinar: Measure the benefits
of a CX platform

How are companies transforming their customer experience—and the bottom line? Hear guest Forrester and Sitecore experts discuss the Total Economic Impact of Sitecore study, and the insights and pitfalls it reveals about implementing an advanced digital experience platform.

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