Forrester Study on the Total Economic Impact of Sitecore CMS on its Customers

Examine the full value of Sitecore for your organization

What’s the real value of a marketing investment? It can be so hard to put solid numbers to the promise of a given technology that often you’re buying on faith and hope.

Better than hope is math. The “Total Economic Impact of Sitecore,” a commissioned November 2016 study conducted by Forrester on behalf of Sitecore, draws on exhaustive interviews with four real Sitecore customers to create a profile examining exactly how the Sitecore Experience Platform benefits a typical organization.

Forrester measures the real benefits of the Sitecore Experience Platform, detailing:

  • ROI of $142%
  • Payback in 13.4 months
  • Quantified measures of cost savings, productivity hikes, and more

Use Forrester’s TEI study to understand how effectively Sitecore can change your customer experience.

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