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Forrester’s Now Tech: Customer Data Platforms, Q1 2022

Forrester’s overview of 34 CDPs offers the insight you need.

The insight to choose the right CDP for your needs

For organizations looking to advance their customer experience, organizational intelligence, and marketing performance, data maturity is essential today. Customer data platforms (CDPs) play a critical role, especially with the increasing importance of 1st-party data. The question is — which CDP fits your unique needs?

In this report, Forrester analyzes 34 CDPs and offers actionable insight, including:

  • Essentials to look for in a CDP
  • A meaningful breakdown of the solution options
  • How to choose wisely based on your needs

Fill in the form to access Forrester’s “Now Tech: Customer Data Platforms, Q1 2022” and get the insight you need to advance your data maturity.

*Now Tech: Customer Data Platforms, Q1 2022, Forrester Research, Inc., 02/04/2022

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