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Effectively managing content’s life cycle

Learn the strategies used by market leaders

Today’s advances in technology are evolving customer expectations but that also means new complexities in technology requirements and content management for brands to drive effective customer experience. Top companies have understood this and are adapting their approaches.

The analyst report Effectively managing content’s life cycle looks at the key points to consider for creating and managing effective content based on the best practices identified in the market.

  • Overcoming six challenges for content creation that stands out
  • Integrating the central role of data for personalization and better targeting
  • Standing out from the crowd with your choice of technology stack

This analyst report is based on the feedback of C-levels working for companies or brands pioneering in this field and the forward-looking analyses of independent research firm MARKESS by exægis and its “Customer Experience and Digital Strategies” research program. The analyst report was written on behalf of Sitecore by analysts at MARKESS by exægis.

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