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The business case for marketing in context of customer interactions

How to prove the business value of a customer-centric marketing approach 

Persuading your organization to move from disconnected, silo'd marketing to marketing in context of customer interactions might seem a formidable task.

But when you understand what organizations are doing to achieve the digital maturity that context marketing requires, and the dividends it has afforded them, your case becomes a lot easier to make. The move can be more evolution than revolution: simple, step-by-step pivots in skills, processes, and technology—and a laser-like focus on customer needs.

Read our ebook, written by the experts at Sitecore Business Optimization Strategies, and find out:

  • The customer experience capability of your peers—and how quickly they’re evolving
  • How to calculate an expected return of investment on context marketing
  • Why customer experience leaders outperform the market

Gain all the information you need to persuade your business executives to invest in context marketing.