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Driving Performance in B2B Commerce

B2B brands must overcome the challenges of digital growth, or risk being left behind by their competitors.

Digital transformation in the B2B marketplace is accelerating rapidly, with digital platforms now accounting for 49% of B2B transactions. This digital acceleration is presenting significant technological challenges for brands and exposing the limitations of the monolithic commerce platforms that many B2B suppliers continue to run.

In this guide from Wunderman Thompson Commerce and Sitecore we discuss why performance matters, and how brands need to evolve to succeed in an era of digital commerce.

Download the guide to learn:

  • Why performance plays a key role in how B2B buyers judge their online experiences
  • The expectations B2B buyers are carrying over from B2C
  • How B2B brands can overcome the challenges of digital growth

Learn more about our partnership with Wunderman Thompson via the Sitecore Partnership page or via Wunderman Thompson Technology website

Get the guide “Driving performance in B2B Commerce” and win lifelong customers.

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