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SBOS Marketing Tips and Tricks

Advice for strategic Sitecore configuration

Improve your efficiency and effectiveness
in Sitecore

Marketing is undergoing a revolution thanks to two changes: First, the exponential increase and availability of actionable data. Second, the proliferation of powerful marketing tools. These changes are powering exciting customer experiences — and increasing the expectations of us all.

While Sitecore equips marketers across industries to meet expectations, using the Sitecore platform efficiently and effectively requires some know-how. Enter “SBOS Marketing Hacks: Tips for strategic Sitecore configuration” — the ebook written for marketers (no code required!).

Get the ebook to discover step-by-step instructions and useful tips to simplify and accelerate your daily activities in Sitecore, including:

  • Personalization

  • Marketing automation

  • Content editing

  • Testing and automation

Fill in the form to download “SBOS Marketing Hacks: Tips for strategic Sitecore configuration” and increase your daily effectiveness and efficiency in Sitecore.

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