Empowered Marketers: Quickly Create, Distribute, and Iterate Content

What’s needed for streamlined content production

What enables or hinders your content production?

A smooth content production operation is essential for delivering the personalized experiences your customers and prospects crave. In fact, you could say that content is the fuel that powers your personalization engine. 

So where do you start? The first step might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many organizations get going without it. You have to start by developing a documented content strategy. Your marketers and content creators need to know who they are crafting content for to ensure that each asset that gets built will resonate with the targeted personas. Their technical expertise or hobbies and passions should guide the tone, look and feel of the content they create. 

To discover the other key elements involved for creating engaging content for your personalization initiatives, you can learn more by downloading our brief guide: “Empowered Marketers: Quickly Create, Distribute, and Iterate Content”.

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