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Planning and implementing a multisite personalization strategy

How to scale personalization across multiple sites, channels, regions, portals, and brands

Whether multiregional, multibrand, or multichannel, multisite optimization presents unique challenges — and rewards. The variety and volume of interactions offer a wealth of customer data, testing circumstances, and optimization opportunities.

As a platform, Sitecore can handle personalization in all of these scenarios. But scaling across sites, channels, regions, and more requires a robust foundation — including research and planning, executive support, and budget.

In this guide, “Planning and implementing a multisite personalization strategy,” the Sitecore Business Optimization Strategies (SBOS) team outlines the best practices, gleaned from working with thousands of organizations, for personalization across multiple sites, regions, channels, portals, and brands, including: 

  • Creating an optimization strategy, finding some quick wins and setting up your Sitecore marketing taxonomies for a multisite instance

  • Hacks and tips for scaling personalization

  • How to address technical, privacy, organizational, and governance issues before they arise

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