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Speak the language of your peers

As the leaders of your organization, your C-Suite probably gets it: If you don’t evolve to meet the increasingly high expectations of today’s digitally connected and savvy customers, your business won’t survive, let alone thrive.

But according to research we conducted with Econsultancy,* the most likely member of the C-Suite to be responsible for building the business case for investment in digital marketing and customer experience technology is the CMO.

As the CMO, it’s up to you to ensure your colleagues understand the impact a digital transformation can have on your business by meeting today’s heightened customer expectations. By aligning with each member of the C-Suite and securing their buy-in on the technology required, you’ll all be one step closer to meeting your organization’s overall business objectives.

Our series of guides, “The CMO Guides to C-Suite Alignment,” provides research-driven insight for partnering with your CEO, CTO, CFO, and Head of Sales to drive your digital transformation and deliver memorable customer experiences, including:

  • The technology beliefs, considerations, and wants of each
  • How to pinpoint what each role needs to help make a decision
  • Establishing a common language with each
  • Step-by-step playbook for aligning

Get your guides, grab the reins, and align your C-Suite around your organization’s digital transformation:

  • The CMO Guide to the CEO
  • The CMO Guide to the CTO
  • The CMO Guide to the CFO
  • The CMO Guide to the Head of Sales


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* “The Business Case for Digital Investment,”

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