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AI & digital transformation for FSI in the pandemic era

How has COVID-19 affected customer experience in the financial services and insurance industry?

Want to understand how the FSI sector is adjusting to the pandemic environment? See the big picture—in a single infographic.

You'll uncover the startling research about how the marketplace is changing dramatically, as consumer habits shift, and many organizations struggle to respond. You'll learn more about:

  • How mobile and self-service interactions with finance and insurance brands have soared
  • Why enterprises want to harness AI—but are being held back by departmental silos
  • Why centralized content management is the key to agility

Due to the COVID health crisis, food insecurity has increased for kids and families in need. Sitecore is giving back to the Hunger: Not Impossible campaign by donating one meal ($7) per each infographic download for the first 100 downloads.


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