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Snapshot: Total Economic Impact of Sitecore

info graphic


Get a picture of Sitecore’s real impact

What’s the real value of a technology investment? How do you quickly cut through the hype to assess the bottom-line potential?

Based on detailed customer research, the “Total Economic Impact™ of Sitecore,” a commissioned November 2016 study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Sitecore, offers a deep, independent perspective on Sitecore. As a quick overview, we’ve boiled the results down to a single infographic of the analysts’ findings, including:

  • ROI of $142%
  • Payback in 13.4 months
  • NPV of $3.85 million

There’s also a video and the full study. But start here, with a quick look at how Sitecore can pay off for you.


Download infographic here