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2021 Holiday
trends report

Consumer attitudes to the 2021 holiday season

The best gifts this holiday season might be those that can’t be unwrapped – but can be experienced.

As we’ve adjusted to new ways of working and living, people of all ages have developed a new appreciation for friends, family, simple pleasures, and the importance of mental health and personal finance.

Accumulating “stuff” is less of a priority. This holiday season, consumers are turning to experiences.

These are just some of the essential insights to emerge from our comprehensive global survey of consumer attitudes in the run-up to the 2021 holiday season.

From Black Friday intentions to influencers, spending plans to celebrations, online to in-store, these findings paint a vivid picture of how consumers are thinking.

This research reveals the kinds of shopping, travel, and experiences consumers plan to have this holiday season and what they’re most looking forward to. 

And it shines a light on a trend towards more considered, socially-conscious spending, while also showing that we’re willing to set aside some spending on ourselves as we approach the holidays.

All this and more are available in the 2021 Holiday Trends Report. Find what you’re looking for below — individually wrapped for each country and region we’ve covered. 

About our research

We partnered with Advanis to conduct research in leading markets across the world. More than 14,000 consumers across 14 countries and regions gave us their views on a wide range of issues, covering their plans for the 2021 holiday season and how their attitudes have been shaped by the events of the past 18 months. Research was carried out between June and August 2021.

Click the links within the legend to access specific insights for each of the 14 countries and regions we covered.

Once you’ve clicked, you can download the report for that location. Each report is packed with consumer views and useful information for this year’s holiday season.

Our research can give you the insight you need to successfully reach your customers, deliver what they’re looking for, and ensure you plan holiday engagements that connect.

Use the research to feed into your strategy for the holiday season and to seize the opportunities available over the coming months.

Start by understanding customer behaviors, motivations, and wants — and how they apply to your brand. Then assess your marketing technology and ensure it’s flexible enough to deliver outstanding experiences that exceed customer expectations, no matter what the season brings. We’re here to help you build on this insight with the technology you need.

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