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Using SharePoint for Your Website: The Good, The Bad and The Possible

What are the strengths and limitations of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for managing public facing websites? Learn how to achieve more with your websites while leveraging your .NET investments.

Back by popular demand, this webinar will dig into the CMS features of Microsoft SharePoint such as workflow, content reuse and sharing, and accessibility checking and compliance, assessing which capabilities work for public websites, and what alternatives you have if SharePoint is not the best choice for your website style.

You will learn:

  • Ways to extend SharePoint when publishing content to the web
  • How to achieve multi-language and multi-device web support
  • How you can easily reuse content for multi-site syndication
  • Examples of Sitecore’s Web Content Management combined with SharePoint’s Document management to achieve true Enterprise Content Management
  • The new features SharePoint 2010 and their impact on managing public websites 
  • How to achieve more with your website while staying with your .NET and your Microsoft investment

Whether you are currently using SharePoint for your website, or considering using it, this webinar will be a valuable tool for determining whether you are using the best resource for your website style.

Download Podcast (audio only) or register below for the full webinar recording with video.