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Sitecore Commerce: The power of personalized shopping experiences

See how Sitecore Commerce brings together content, commerce, and data so you can optimize every web and purchase experience for every customer. Manage it all in one place with Sitecore.
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Sitecore Commerce allows you to deliver a personalized and relevant experience for each and every customer—before, during, and after they make an online purchase.

Seamlessly merging web content management, commerce management, and data about customer interactions and preferences, Sitecore Commerce supports the customer experience we all want:

  • Promotions for products we need, not for the ones we’ve already bought.
  • Information that helps us maintain purchased items, right when we need it.
  • Personalized offers based on our needs, not just on inventory levels.

Sitecore Commerce empowers you to provide your buyers with rich, personalized, and actionable content.

Managing that experience is easy, and takes place under one integrated content management and e-commerce hub. Let’s get started.

In the Experience Editor, retailers post products for sale, set relevant attributes, and, most powerfully, author a set of rules that promotes that content based on purchaser profiling.

Sitecore Commerce predicts a shopper’s intent by associating and then matching activity with established consumer profiles.

The Merchandising Manager allows for live inventory creation, pricing, and updating.

You have the power to literally build the user’s commerce AND content experience.

You can easily append additional goods and services to any product in your catalog, to increase total order value.

Order fulfillment is also simple to track: Sitecore’s robust Order Manager enables call center sales teams to efficiently reference buyers by name, email, or purchase, guaranteeing a personalized experience.

The Experience Profile generates a dynamic, interactive timeline of any customer’s lifetime activity, including: visits, purchases, calls, behaviors, and associated profiles.

This 360-degree view offers a deep portrait of the shopper to help you optimize the value of the consumer.

And all of this rich data enables you to tailor every user’s experience – enticing them to buy, increasing the amount of their purchases, and maximizing their lifetime value.

Sitecore Commerce – aligning merchandisers with buyer needs, before, during and after the sale.

Sitecore Commerce: One integrated system, seamlessly blending content and commerce.

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