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Sitecore Experience Commerce™—the power of personalized shopping experiences

Manage products, pricing, and promotions, apply reusable, templated UX layouts, and make updates across channels with minimal coding involved. Watch our short video to see how easily you and your team can stay customer-ready with Sitecore Experience Commerce 9 and the Sitecore Experience Accelerator Storefront.

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Sitecore Experience Commerce™

Delivering personalized, relevant experiences for your visitors before, during, and after a purchase.

Sitecore Experience Commerce™ allows you to deliver a personalized and relevant experience for each and every customer—in real time—before, during and after they make an online purchase.

Seamlessly merging web content management, commerce management, and data about customer interactions and preferences, Sitecore Experience Commerce is a user-friendly platform that supports the customer experience we all want:

  • Promotions for products we need, not for the ones we’ve already bought
  • Information that helps us maintain purchased items, right when we need it
  • Personalized offers based on our needs, not just on inventory levels.

Managing that experience starts on the integrated Sitecore launchpad. With the SXA Storefront [Sitecore® Experience Accelerator Storefront] included in the latest version of Sitecore Experience Commerce, you can build commerce web pages on the fly. SXA Storefront provides a drag-and-drop interface with more than 40 pre-built commerce controls, so you can quickly create new pages without any back-end support.

Let’s say you want to create a landing page for a product on sale – like a refrigerator.  Simply launch Experience Editor, where you’ll find SXA Storefront and all the tools you’ll need. Then pick a page design. You can also choose how status messages are seen. And then you’re ready to add products.  Choose how you want to show the product, and add some columns. Next, simply add photos, insert product information, add product variants, add inventory info, and then pricing. And finally, an add-to-cart button.

You can publish your new landing page directly to the web—and you didn’t need any help from developers. That’s the beauty of SXA Storefront.

Now let’s look at the newly unified commerce tools that let you manage everything about your site from a single icon. In the customers tab, you’ll find ways to see contact information and order history.  On the orders tab, you’ll find every transaction, including payments, fulfilment options, line items, and other details. You can manage inventory categories, products, and variants. And Sitecore Experience Commerce makes it easy to incorporate promotions by including 22 promotions, right out of the box. Of course, you can set rules for pricing for any item on the site.

From building pages quickly and easily, to managing every aspect of inventory and pricing, Sitecore Experience Commerce makes it simple for your team – and for your customers.

Sitecore Experience Commerce. Aligning merchandisers with buyer needs, before, during, and after the sale.  One modern, integrated system, seamlessly blending content and commerce to deliver the experience all customers want.


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