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10 tactics for optimizing the commerce experience

Brands are struggling to embrace the customer-experience-first approach that’s crucial to success in the digital era. It’s not easy to get into the customer’s head, or to create a seamless, 360-degree digital experience.

Commerce experts at FitForCommerce have written “How to Deliver a Standout Customer Experience: Proven Practices for Strategically Blending Content and Commerce” to uncover the secrets of creating a seamless, consistent, personalized customer experience. Read the paper to learn:

  • How four Sitecore customers created CX success around different innovative approaches.
  • Why understanding a customer’s “moment-of-truth need” around your product or service allows you to drive meaningful messages and strategies—to market in their context, not yours.
  • How smart businesses are integrating digital content and commerce across all channels to enhance the full customer experience.

Getting started on the path to a standout customer experience doesn’t have to be daunting. Learn to develop a customer strategy that will move you up our CX Maturity Model—and on to better marketing success.

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