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Six SEO Best Practices Both Marketers and Developers Should Know

SEO white paper

While many people wish that SEO was a “set it and forget it” exercise, it’s more evident than ever that it requires constant vigilance and adjustment. You need to manage your presence, constantly and strategically, to account for new developments in how search engines filter content.

Don't risk being lost on a crowded search results page. Stand out to your potential customers with a successful SEO strategy.

Major shifts in the area of search have been taking place over the past few years and companies that don’t adjust their SEO strategies accordingly have already or will soon sink to the bottom of the results page. While keywords, page titles, and meta descriptions are still important to your SEO strategy, there are other aspects that are increasingly becoming critical.

By continually optimising your site to advance your search engine rankings, your company can generate high levels of high quality traffic to your site. This paper gives a fresh perspective on today’s best practices for improving and sustaining a robust SEO strategy.