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Welcome to the era of context marketing


Stop marketing better—start marketing differently

Consider this: 91 percent of consumers say they would switch brands if another offers better customer service, and 90 percent would switch brands if the brand promises one thing and delivers another.1 Research about customer preferences should give every marketer a wake-up call to move from “one size fits all” approaches to those that offer relevant, contextualized experiences that engage each individual.

At Sitecore, we call this “context marketing” and believe that engaging with customers in context of their previous interactions with your brand, at scale and in real time, is the only way to effectively manage a positive customer experience. In other words, one that delivers the right content at the right time just when and where the customer needs it.

Download “Welcome to the era of context marketing,”
written by Sitecore CEO Michael Seifert, to learn more about the next evolutionary era of marketing, including:
  • What is context marketing?
  • What marketing challenges does it address?
  • What’s required to deliver it?
It’s time to rethink marketing, and deliver experiences that take into account the customer’s context and history of brand interactions. Download our white paper and learn how.

1 “Consumers Will Switch Brands if they Don’t Receive Consistent, Context-Based Experiences, Says New Sitecore Study,” Oct. 20, 2015.

Welcome to the era of context marketing