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How to personalize your website to boost conversions

Nine steps to personalization success

Most web marketers already believe in the power of personalization, but many struggle to get started when faced with data and application silos. The beauty of the Sitecore Experience Platform is how its Experience Database collects and connects all customer interaction data. 

Armed with that data, you can understand your customers' in-the-moment intent and respond with content that your audience actually wants. But you have to know how to approach personalization with a process that works. This white paper outlines the nine steps our Sitecore Business Optimization Strategies team uses when helping customers start personalization and explores how:

  • Personalization based on “contextual intelligence” boosts content consumption and lowers bounce rates
  • Customer interaction data allows you to give customers the right content at the right time
  • A carefully considered, battle-tested process can set you up for success 

By understanding customers’ in-the-moment intentions, you can personalize experiences at any touchpoint: on your website, in an email push, or via a social media campaign. That's marketing in context.

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