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Sitecore 8: Simplifying the extraordinary

Sitecore 8

The science of customer loyalty isn’t new—marketers were introduced to it more than 20 years ago.

But the pursuit of loyalty is an ongoing struggle; marketers still grapple with disjointed, and even dysfunctional, toolsets as they attempt to engage each customer in a personal, long-term relationship with a company or brand.

With Sitecore® Experience Platform™ Version 8, marketers’ time has finally come. It provides the industry’s first single, fully connected customer experience platform that also integrates with other customer-facing platforms. In doing so, Sitecore 8 creates a single view of the customer in a big data marketing repository, eliminating much of the extraordinary complexity that has been marketers’ biggest constraint.

In this paper, learn how the latest version of Sitecore gives marketers the complete data, integrated tools, and automation capabilities to engage customers throughout an iterative lifecycle—the technology foundation absolutely necessary to win customers for life.