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Mobile Research WhitePaper

Vanson Bourne research reveals gap between what brands offer and what consumers want

Your customers are not sitting still. Our latest research found that they rely heavily on their mobile devices: 84% comparison shop on their phones before buying. More than 60% have a mobile device within reach at least 8 hours per day. Yet most brands tell us they're unable to deliver a seamless mobile experience.

We've captured the voices of 4,500 mobile consumers and 450 brands worldwide in our new research paper, “How to keep pace with mobile consumer expectations.” Download it now to understand how mobile users relate to their devices, their fast-paced environment, and your brand; and what you need to know to bridge the mobile gap. Data includes:

  • How consumers really use their devices—which ones, how often, for what
  • How their mobile buying habits are changing (Hint: More, more, more)
  • How basic factors such as convenience, security, and speed are key to a good mobile experience
One-third of consumers will abandon your brand after a lousy mobile experience. “How to keep pace with mobile consumer expectations” captures fresh insights into what a mobile brand must do to drive more interaction, higher purchasing, and deeper loyalty.

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