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A practical step-by-step guide to creating customer journeys that convert for your top segments

A Digital Relevancy Map (DRM) is Sitecore’s method of managing the creation of content in a way that delivers the greatest engagement and business conversion impact for key customer segments. Creating and optimizing a DRM for each of your top customer segments ensures you offer them the most engaging experience, nurture them toward purchase, and inspire loyalty.

Read our white paper, “The Digital Relevancy Map,” to:

  • Learn how to create general and persona-based segments
  • Get a step-by-step guide on how to map your customer journeys
  • Get the best practice to map your existing content and spot critical content gaps
  • Learn how you can engage your organization in an interactive activity to quickly work through the process

Download our white paper guide to significantly impact outcome metrics with intentional and contextual content strategies.

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