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Why upgrade to Sitecore Experience Platform 10?

Discover the benefits of a Sitecore XP 10 upgrade

Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP) is the only digital experience platform that creates efficiencies for both Marketing and IT — providing the tools to collaboratively launch and evolve unique experiences that drive successful engagements.

With natively integrated content management, omnichannel delivery, customer-interaction data, testing and optimization, and analytics, Sitecore XP empowers teams to deliver meaningful, personalized experiences that lead to higher customer engagement, loyalty, and lifetime customer value.

If you’re on versions 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, or 9.x of the Sitecore platform, here’s why you should upgrade.


This white paper explains how:


  • An upgrade to Sitecore XP 10 can drive further alignment across Marketing and IT teams to accelerate customer experience success
  • Sitecore Containers support rapid infrastructure-as-code deployment and more efficient solution and team onboarding
  • ASP.Net Core SDK provides an additional headless option that empowers teams with both flexibility and speed for Sitecore development
  • New audience analytics filters empower marketers to collect and leverage deeper insights on audience engagement and segmentation


Download the white paper and discover the advantages of Sitecore Experience Platform 10.


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