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Why Sitecore is a marketer’s dream platform

A single view of the customer, rich interaction data and analysis across channels, insight into whats working and whats not, and powerful capabilities in one integrated system. These are just a few of the reasons marketers prefer Sitecore.

Delight demanding digital customers

Your customers expect you to know them—to know which products they typically buy, to notice a change in their shopping pattern when it happens, to have a good sense of what they might like. The content you deliver to them today can only be relevant if it takes into account the context of how your customers interacted with your brand last week, yesterday, or right now—on any channel. Context marketing is the only way to own the experience and win loyal customers.

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Enjoy the best in marketing functionality

Best-in-class content management

Combined with contextual intelligence and omnichannel automation in the Sitecore® Experience Platform™, Sitecore® Web Experience Manager empowers you to deliver the right content, to the right person, exactly at the right time.

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Think 1:1 marketing is just a fairytale? Think again. See how we make fine-tuned, targeted personalization simple.

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Know your customer

Take data-driven marketing to a whole new level by tracking every customer interaction with your brand.

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Digital maturity

Take our assessment to find out whether you’re at the beginning stages of digital evolution or a master at engaging with customers in context—and get a roadmap for what to tackle next.

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Featured resources

How to build a customer-centric marketing team

To reap the rewards of delivering experiences based on customer context, you’ll need to set up a customer-focused team. Familiarize yourself with the roles, responsibilities, and organizational structures that are most effective for owning the customer experience.

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How to personalize your website to boost conversions

Data and application silos, fractured organizations, and brand-centric thinking deter personalization for many brands. Start thinking about it differently with our nine-step process for delivering contextual experiences.

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Connect your martech or leave money on the table

Research done with Sitecore Platinum Partner Avanade looks at the roadblocks to delivering great customer experiences.

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