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Developing digital

Sitecore's technical podcast

As the leader in customer experience software for marketers, Sitecore has led the CMS and DXP pack with technological innovations—in architecture, integrations, machine learning, and more—since 2001. Developing Digital explores the latest technology underpinning the Sitecore Experience Platform.

Through conversations with partners, clients, and employees, this series offers developers and IT professionals unique insight into some of the most innovative technology on the market.

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Episode 1: Headless and the development workflow of your dreams

In this episode, we'll discuss all the possibilities Sitecore’s headless CMS technology, with JavaScript Services, opens up for developers.

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Three column info FPO
Episode 2: Ahead with headless

In this episode, Sitecore’s own Kam Figy and Adam Weber, platform architects for JSS, join Derek Dysart to talk about how they brought JSS to the Sitecore platform to open up the full potential of Sitecore as a headless CMS.

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Episode 3: Storming the content gates

In this episode, we’ll explore Sitecore’s unique JSS headless architecture and the benefits it offers developers, marketers, and end users of all kinds.

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