SBOS Optimization Checklist Series

The Optimization Checklist Series from Sitecore’s SBOS team guides you through the steps and preparation necessary for an optimization program.

Best-practice worksheets for
your optimization program

Whether you’re planning to begin personalizing and optimizing your Sitecore XP platform, or have an ongoing optimization program, knowing what needs to be done in preparation, implementation and continuing to optimize is often a struggle. Simply put, brands often don’t know what they don’t know.

The Optimization Checklist Series from SBOS provides that knowledge, based on this globally-recognized team’s experience over hundreds of customer projects.

Access these best-practice checklists to guide you through these stages:

  • Pre-Optimization – understand the research, roles and objectives required to establish optimization

  • Roadmap Readiness – verify that your optimization roadmap adheres to best practice and contains everything you need to optimize

  • Optimization Readiness – follow how-to videos, a guide and a checklist to check your platform’s technical readiness for optimization

  • Roadmap Implementation – verify your roadmap has been implemented correctly and that your analytics and optimization functionality are working as expected

  • Ongoing Optimization – guide your team through the processes, governance and organization to implement optimization as business-as-usual.

Access these interactive, step-by-step guides to guide your marketing and technical teams through the processes required for optimization success.

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