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Tips for strategic Sitecore configuration

Learn how digital strategists and marketers can simplify and improve their daily activities in Sitecore with these marketing hacks.


Improve your efficiency and effectiveness in Sitecore

This ebook is for marketers and digital strategists. Whether desiring to use Sitecore’s digital marketing features more efficiently or to better understand and act on Sitecore’s reports, discover quick actions that require no code. 

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Marketing Hacks video series

Linked items in the Marketing Control Panel

If you do not know where (or if) an item is being used throughout the site tree, you can quickly generate a list of referrals and references.

Organize the content tree for testing and personalization

This video demonstrates how SBOS recommends creating folders to help organize and quickly identify the variations used for A/B testing and personalization.

Predefined personalization rules

This video demonstrates how Predefined rules in the Marketing Control Panel reduce the need to repeatedly create personalization conditions across the site.

Marketing automation listener or delay elements

This video demonstrates how marketers can use listener or delay elements to help enable time-based options in Marketing automation plans.

Campaign Facet Personalization

Use Campaign Facets to track the behavior of users arriving on your site from campaigns and to trigger personalization. Learn how.

Setting up Profile Card Icons

How to set up Profile Card Icons — including the benefits of this unique tool and recommendations and tips for using it.

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Further helpful resources to gain business value from Sitecore

Find out more about our SBOS service and access a wealth of guides, white papers and insights in driving return on investment through improved digital experience on Sitecore Experience Platform.

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