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Drive Business Value with Sitecore

SBOS Frameworks & Methodology

In this section, we share the ever-evolving insights and best practices for increasing digital maturity with focus on methodologies, tactics, frameworks, processes and organizational aspects of digital maturity.

Explore our methodologies below

Our methodologies blend marketing and technical expertise so Sitecore customers can achieve rapid and optimal business results while maintaining implementation quality and reducing operational and technical risks.  

If you have clients on the Sitecore platform, or your organization runs its digital experiences on Sitecore, you can leverage these best practice planning frameworks to prioritize segments and tactics that will drive business value. Learn more below.  

  • Strategic Objectives Framework: Our framework for aligning strategic and marketing objectives with digital goals (conversions)
  • Engagement Value Scale: The Engagement Value Scale (EVS) is a Sitecore scoring and measurement methodology used to measure the engagement level of your contacts by tracking and scoring actions taken, or goal conversions
  • Potential, Importance and Ease (PIE): Our simplified methodology for selecting customer segments to focus on for your optimization roadmap (e.g., personalization, marketing automation, decisioning). PIE stands for Potential, Importance and Ease of targeting.
  • Digital Relevancy Mapping (DRM): An efficient multichannel content mapping methodology based on your customer journeys, their intent, your targeted conversions and required content or functionality
  • Organization: Our perspective on maturing your digital teams and processes: core team roles, the extended digital team, cross-BU organization structures and coordination mechanisms; as well as transitioning to agile team processes and agile organizations

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