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Analytics and the 360° customer view

Marketing data is everywhere, often in silos. The challenge is to turn it into meaningful action so your customers benefit from interacting with your brand.

The challenge of data silos

Web analytics. Email open and click-through rates. Social likes, shares, and reach. PPC conversions. Webinar registrations. Asset downloads. Event sign-ups. All of these are tactics for connecting with your customer, and all of them come with their own set of contextual data. And often, collecting and comparing the data from different applications is akin to comparing apples, oranges, and pears. None of it gives you an end-to-end perspective on how customers are interacting with your brand over time and in real time. Enter the back-end data store that comes with the Sitecore Experience Cloud™. We call it the Sitecore® Experience Database™ (xDB), and it powers the contextual intelligence about how customers are interacting with you across all channels.

Know your customers inside out

Sitecore xDB provides a single, easy-to-digest, end-to-end view of every customer. Not just on email or social or the web. Its Experience Profile contacts act as containers that store information about customer and prospect behavior from the devices they use, their online interactions—such as website visits, goals converted, and campaign pages visited. Combined with xConnect, Experience Profile can handle offline activities, such as stores visited and purchases made, or third-party data such as CRM, social, or geolocation.

You can use the Experience Profile dashboard to focus on the accumulated experience of a single contact and view the details of all their interactions and experiences with your organization. Not that you need to look at each individual’s interactions—the beauty of xDB and its integration in our platform is that the data and resulting actions happen automatically and at scale, in real time.


Powerful predictive analytics let you customize each interaction based on everything you know about your customers’ profiles, interests, and actions. So you can deliver the content they want, even before they know they want it. Meanwhile, you can analyze and understand customer journeys to see which paths through your website have the highest value and which need to be optimized.

The best part? You can progressively personalize your customers’ experiences as you gather insight. Because all the data and analytics tools are in the same environment, fine-tuning segmentation and personalization is easy. And it doesn’t require IT involvement or integration.

With a single, integrated view of the customer, you can optimize experiences based on the context of each customer at each touchpoint.

Meaningful results: The power of Engagement Value


Engagement Value: Optimize with metrics that matter

Not all engagement matters, and standard metrics hide what’s valuable. Learn to measure customer experiences for how they impact your bottom line.
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Getting the best insights from Engagement Value

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Follow this five-step process to develop your brand’s Engagement Value Scale, and finally understand which marketing tactics are actually contributing to the bottom line.

A strategic approach

Easily understand every customer’s true value to your business: Sitecore’s Engagement Value Scale helps you align your digital goals with your marketing objectives.

Measure quality, not quantity

Build deeper, long-term relationships

You have to know customers to earn their loyalty.
How others do it

Most platforms that help you manage customer experiences don’t have the integrated data store that organizes, provides access to, or analyzes aggregate or individual customer interactions. Offering contextual experiences becomes impossible.

How Sitecore does it

Sitecore can target at the individual level. By being an integrated platform, Sitecore breaks down app and data silos—giving you a 360-degree view of every customer.

The result

You can analyze and understand their journeys—inciting loyalty by offering ever-more contextual, relevant experiences.

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