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Sitecore for

Marketing automation

Engage your audiences with automated email and messaging campaigns

Automate your audience engagement

Engage your audiences with automated email and messaging campaigns

  • Automate your email marketing
  • Personalize with ease
  • Improve campaign conversion
  • Keep your marketing in sync
  • Leverage powerful real-time analytics

Marketing Automation

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Get one-to-one with your customers

Learn how marketing automation helps you build a relationship with your customers.


Adapt your communication

Your customer can engage with your brand through multiple channels.

customer journey

Tailor the experience

Decide how your customers responses and activities will direct the next interaction with your brand.

customer profile

Build a richer profile

When each step of the conversation is more personalized, more value is created.

Marketing automated

Engage your audiences with automated email and messaging campaigns

Automate your email marketing

Save time, effort and resources with email marketing automation for any customer journey.

Improve campaign conversion

Convert more traffic with customizable form and landing page templates for every scenario.

Keep your marketing in sync

Easily integrate with any e-commerce platform, website or CRM without developer support.

Personalize with ease

Deliver relevance with precise audience segmentation, AI-powered recommendations and one-to-one messages.

Leverage powerful real-time analytics

Power your marketing with live data and advanced analytics to optimize every campaign.

Sitecore success stories

“We liked that Sitecore was a centralized solution. Having an experience database or customer experience profile in one place is essential to engage in the moment.”

Max Goijarts

Marketing and Technology Manager, Danone Nutricia

See how they did it See how they did it
Danone Nutricia

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