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Search & merchandizing

Convert more customers with hyper-relevant shopping experiences

Search & merchandizing for your businesses

Convert more customers with hyper-relevant shopping experiences

  • Differentiate your buying experience
  • Personalize every search experience
  • Optimize product information
  • Deliver targeted merchandizing
  • Influence behaviors with social proofing
Storefronts and Marketplaces

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Optimize shopping experience with relevant information

Help buyers purchase what they need quickly and easily


Increased customer conversion

With AI/ML capabilities of personalized search and merchandising, you can increase customer conversion.

retail sales

Unique shopping experiences

Buyers are able to access an array of product displays that suits their needs and wants.


Improved product search

Enhanced search capabilities identify what buyers look for in product catalogs.

Commerce optimized

Convert more customers with hyper-relevant shopping experiences

  • Differentiate your buying experience

    Manage catalogs, pricing and buying experiences on a buyer-by-buyer basis with ML and AI.

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  • Deliver targeted merchandizing

    Target users with relevant and timely content, offers and promotions.

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  • Optimize product information

    Fine-tune product information for cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

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  • Personalize every search experience

    Deliver fast and intelligent search results across all your product catalogs.

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  • Influence behaviors with social proofing

    Drive action with automated urgency, scarcity and order abandonment messages and emails.

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Sitecore success stories

Famous Footwear, the multi-brand retailer, is transforming its digital customer experience to create lasting connections

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Famous Footwear