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Delivering tailored, contextual customer experiences is not as hard as you might think.

Just get started

As a marketer, you know you want to deliver personalized experiences, but very few brands, in our experience, actually know how to get started doing so. Marketers appreciate the value of contextual experiences, but are either intimidated or overwhelmed by what they perceive would be a substantial effort, or their organizational silos are too big a hurdle to wholly focus on the customer, or maybe they think gathering the data on customers that personalization requires is a bit creepy. Our recommendation? Just start. Take baby steps—crawl first, then walk, jog, and run. With Sitecore, it couldn’t be easier to put your customers' unique needs at the center of everything you do (and do it pretty much out of the box). 

Do the right thing. At the right time.

The Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP) makes it easy to tailor every experience based on current and past interactions with your brand, in real time, wherever the customer is. How? By helping you understand your customer. For instance, Sitecore helps you understand customer intentions based on:
  • Inbound sources: What prompted a visit and where did it come from?
  • Anonymous data from digital fingerprints: What geography are they visiting from? What season is it there?
  • On-site behavior: What content did they consume? Which pages did they visit? What did they enter in the search bar?
  • Integration: Data from other data sources—e.g., your CRM, contact center help system, or enriched data based on IP lookup—can tell you a lot. Sitecore XP’s Experience Database can tap into it all.

Then, Sitecore XP lets you choose from several personalization approaches:

  • Rules-based personalization: You define the conditions under which content is delivered to a customer. For example, you can set rules based on the IP address or physical location of your visitors, the keywords they use to reach your site, their mobile device, or the goals that they achieve on your website to determine the content that is displayed.
  • Adaptive personalization: Use visitor profiles and pattern-card matching to dynamically adapt the content shown to visitors in real time. You can set adaptive personalization rules in Sitecore XP’s Rules Set Editor.
  • Historical personalization: You can set rules that personalize content based on a contact's historical or past behavior, rather than their actions from the current session (after all, context is what comes before and after the present).
  • Test and then personalize: With Sitecore XP, you can use A/B and multivariate testing to assess your content and use the test results to optimize for conversion rates against your site's goals. You can also use testing to assess which type of content works best with certain segments of your visitors.
  • Journey-based personalization: Design user journeys with Sitecore XP using advanced business logic, and use them to help assess where your customers are in their journey with your brand. Then you can use triggers to advance them through their journeys in context of how far along they are.
All the tools and information you need to deliver contextual customer experiences are in one place with Sitecore XP. So there’s no need to log into another system or learn another process. Personalize content in minutes for every customer, on every channel. Customize interactions from the very first anonymous visit based on third-party data, digital fingerprints, and in-session content consumption. And Sitecore XP also lets you test the performance of personalized content against default content, giving you real-time results for personalization effectiveness. As you gather more insight about customers, you can continue to optimize their experiences.

How to personalize your website to boost conversions

Follow this nine-step process developed by our Sitecore Business Optimization Strategies team to define how you approach personalization. From defining objectives to examining customer data to mapping the customer journey, this white paper walks you through a battle-tested process for delivering contextual, relevant experiences. 
Start now

Know what they want before they do

Predict what will meet your customer’s needsand respond in real time.
How others do it
When you don’t know someone, it’s impossible to guess what they want or need, and customer interaction data siloed by channel doesn’t give you the 360-degree customer view you need for personalized experiences.
How Sitecore does it
Sitecore XP can collect in real time the visitor’s intent and then respond with the most relevant experience. As you get more data and insights, you can market in context in a more advanced fashion and at scale. 
The result
Real-time and historic data about every customer interaction with your brand, plus robust content management and omnichannel delivery, means you can continually gather customer insights and deliver contextualized experiences that’ll keep them connected forever.

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