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Testing and optimization

Analyze the performance of everything, from content to campaigns to experiences, for everyone.

Fine-tune what customers experience

When testing falls to the bottom of your priority list, or doesn't get done, it’s impossible to keep honing, personalizing, and perfecting the experiences you offer customers. Fortunately, Sitecore’s approach to testing is meant to encourage everyone to "always be testing": Create tests from the same place you create and edit content; and automatic testing workflows recommend new tests as you improve the experience. Sitecore makes it simple.

Perfection is within reach

The easy-to-use interface of the Sitecore Experience Cloud™ enables marketing and business users to use its Experience Editor for conducting website A/B and multivariate testing, natively within each page, email, image, and component you create. You can easily pinpoint what’s working and continually refine and improve conversion rates.

Results are clearly presented so you can easily decide what to improve, retire, or create. Put your insights to work from the get-go—learning from both successes and failures. And there’s no limit to the number of tests you can run concurrently.  You can test individual page components, entire site items, or the entire experience across all your channels and customer touchpoints—even external ones. Sitecore’s A/B and multivariate testing capabilities are highly flexible and simple to use.

You might want to take a fresh approach to testing that focuses on customers, not just content—perhaps identify entirely new segments that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. You can even find the best-match customers for your content rather than constraining your testing results to simple winners vs. losers.

Testing is built into Sitecore’s Experience Editor, right within Sitecore XP, so you don’t need to log in to yet another disconnected third-party system. Learning new processes or asking IT for help won’t be necessary. Just start testing and optimizing for more relevant, effective customer interactions.

Let the Sitecore Engagement Value Scale guide your efforts

When you know which pages are contributing most to your bottom line, it’s easy to know where to optimize.

How to test and optimize for what matters: Business value

Learn what to test, where to test, and how to optimize to get better results. Increase customer engagement and business results.

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How your digital tests benefit from Sitecore’s machine learning

Understand how Sitecore’s machine learning capabilities surface key audience segments, helping you better personalize your customer experience.

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Testing and personalization done right: Five examples

Walk through five examples of how to optimize your site based on your audience and business goals.

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Test everything, and let everyone test

Never worry about coding, tagging, or development work again.
How others do it
Failing to test means failing to personalize properly, so you’ll never deliver customer experiences that keep them coming back.
How Sitecore does it
Sitecore provides testing suggestions built directly into the editing experience, so you can optimize seamlessly during content input. It couldn’t be quicker or easier to use.
The result
You’ll quickly understand which content or offers are resonating. So you can continually refine—and send conversion rates soaring.

How Sitecore meets marketing challenges

Marketing campaigns

Orchestrate every digital marketing activity across every channel on one unified platform. 

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Mobile solutions

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360° customer view and analytics

A single view of the customer puts the impossible within reach. Smash down silos and turn data into action.

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Marketing automation

When you communicate in context of customer interactions, customers will look forward to your next email.

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Testing and optimization

If you don’t test, you’ll never learn. See how easy we make it to test and optimize customer experiences.

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Customer experience doesn’t end at purchase. Combine content with commerce and watch your sales grow.

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Content governance

 Learn how we give you total control over your content—as well as total peace of mind.

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