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Turning Data into Action: tackle the enterprise engagement challenge

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Turning Data into Action: tackle the enterprise engagement challenge

Enterprise organizations face a huge data challenge. How, when operating multiple brands in multiple markets, can you successfully and consistently measure engagemen? Especially when browsing behaviour and the ways in which you engage with users can vary so differently in each local market. How do you know that the digital KPIs you're tracking are the right ones to deliver the right insight? And how do you then turn that insight into action.

Building Blocks has developed the Engagement Value Pyramid to help enterprise marketers capture, visualize and contextualize engagement using the Sitecore Experience Platform. We'll share this model, together with the process and KPIs to be tracked, in an insightful, 'how to' presentation.

About the presenters

Kyle Cassidy

Head of UX and Insights, Dept

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