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Utopia vs reality in the digital analytics space

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Utopia vs reality in the digital analytics space

You are constantly being bombarded with statements heralding machine learning, big data and data connectivity/automation as the next ‘must have’. Data Utopia. You are made to believe that your business won’t survive without sophisticated data-driven algorithms. “What do you mean you don’t have a data science strategy? You should have started last week.”Hold on.

While a future driven by algorithms and clever data science is certainly on the cards, the reality is that most of your competitors, as you, are not there...yet. In fact, most companies are either in the very early stages of trying to figure out what all of this means to them. Some haven’t even started. And it is also undeniable that most companies do not fully utilize the analytics capabilities and technology currently available to them.

In this webinar, digital analytics expert Michael Feiner, of consultancy LeapThree, will give you a view of the future, mapping out a utopian analytics framework. But will quickly move back from vision to reality with recommendations take better advantage of what is available to you today and how to put yourself firmly on the road to data utopia with a realistic, responsible and sustainable approach.

We will cover:

  • How does data utopia look like with examples of what can be achieved today and also what would be possible in the near future
  • What low hanging opportunities are still out there and rarely exploited
  • How should you go about your journey to data utopia
  • What are the pitfalls in your journey to be aware of

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