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Webinar #3

The true cost of content

Save money, reduce risk, enhance your customers experience

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Go beyond the complexity, simplify your content operations and maximise your ROI

Guest implementation partner Deloitte Digital joins us for this informative webinar discussing how content is in every channel and every interaction with your customers but creating, managing and maximising it still challenges even mature brands. Learn how to get beyond the complexity to simplify content operations and ramp up ROI. What are the challenges we see from organisations platforms and tools in regard to planning, managing and delivering content? Tune in to see how Sitecore Content Hub can help solve these challenges.

About Sitecore Content Hub

To effectively and confidently plan, deliver, and monitor omnichannel campaigns with rights approved assets, marketing departments must be empowered with simplified asset management, accelerated content creation, and streamlined processes. Sitecore Content Hub integrates digital asset management with digital rights management, marketing resource management, content marketing, and product content management all in one collaborative platform so the entire marketing department can work together in synergy, not isolated in silos.

About Deloitte Digital

Deloitte Digital is a Platinum Sitecore Implementation Partner with one of the largest practices in Australia. Deloitte Digital is committed to helping clients unlock the business value of emerging technologies. We provide clients with a full suite of digital services, covering digital strategy, user experience, content, creative, engineering and implementation across mobile, web and social media channels.

About the presenters

Debra Taylor

National Content Principal, Deloitte Consulting

Deloitte Digital

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Rebecca Mangan

Head of Business Value and Strategy, Asia Pacific Japan


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