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Webinar #2

Ensuring compliance with Digital Rights Management

Master the dark art of DRM.

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Do you have a holistic view of your digital asset rights?

Maintaining your usage rights to photos, videos and audio files can become a manual and tiresome process but getting it wrong is risky business. DAM and DRM are natural partners, which is why Sitecore has built DRM management into Content Hub. You can manage searches by rights and check usage rights, all within one solution. In this webinar, we will discuss how DRM impacts content creators, marketers, and other digital professionals today. We will also present Content Hub's inbuilt DRM function, which ensures you’re compliant when creating and maintaining your precious content.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how DRM compliance impacts you
  • Understand digital asset lifecycles (license expiry & processes)
  • Deal with urgent changes to rights-protected content
  • Implement end-to-end asset tracking
  • Manage and minimise your content costs

About Sitecore Content Hub

To effectively and confidently plan, deliver, and monitor omnichannel campaigns with rights approved assets, marketing departments must be empowered with simplified asset management, accelerated content creation, and streamlined processes.

Sitecore Content Hub integrates digital asset management with digital rights management, marketing resource management, content marketing, and product content management all in one collaborative platform so the entire marketing department can work together in synergy, not isolated in silos.

About Creative Folks:

Creative Folks is a Sitecore Gold Partner and the first Content Hub implementation partner in Australia. They have specialised in simplifying business processes with technology for nearly two decades. Creative Folks focus on helping content producers drive efficiency and scalability using workflow tools, digital asset management, and data integration.

About the presenters

Andrew Lomas

Director & Founder

Creative Folks

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